Three nautical songs to get you out of a (musical) rut

A statue of a Cellist under the sea

Listening to music is undoubtedly the one best thing to keep me going. During the pandemic, my chaotic taste in music diversified even more.

Yet, there are times I just can’t stand any music anymore. I had the feeling of being stuck in a musical rut for weeks now. Then, suddenly, as is was strolling through the freezer section of my local supermarket, Spotify saved me.

The, at times, not-so-random Spotify algorithm hit me with three nautical masterpieces to put wind in my sails.

#1 Robinson Crusoe - Jules Ahoi

This song did not let me off the hook from the very beginning. I love the feeling it gives me. As I did some research for this article, I actually discovered that Jules (born as Julian) and I are both from the same region of Germany!

#2 Ship in a bottle - Steffan (fin) Argus

Not only do I love the rhythm and vocals of this song, the lyrics inspire me as well. Personally, I see it as a metaphor for my own struggle against my compulsively scattered brain. It perfectly describes the daily deals I have to make with myself to be the captain of my own ship.

#3 Retirement Song - The Longest Johns

Of course I had to include a shanty! While Nathan Evans was the one to start the hype, back in 2020, I love The Longest Johns dearly. Their version of Wellerman is definitely worth hearing as well! The Retirement Song gets me safely back to shore, whenever I tragically realize my dreams to become a (very romanticized) pirate are a little out of reach.

I hope you enjoyed my little collection today!
You can listen to a playlist of these songs on Spotify here.
Do you have any songs to reliably get you out of a musical rut?




I erratically share some of my big brain thoughts on here, have fun ❤

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I erratically share some of my big brain thoughts on here, have fun ❤

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